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By | 3rd October 2017
Wheel Device

Anti-rocking Type

Wheel Number


Brand Name


Model Number


Wheel Material



>3 Years

Applicable People



Double Rocker

Price: $68.88

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Ordinary wheel: regular wheel is PVC material. Advantage: cheap price!!
Disadvantages: the wheels are relatively non wearing, non slip, shock absorption is relatively poor, sliding more difficult! The ordinary wheel is easy to skid on the smooth road, and the grip is not strong. PU wheel: PU wheel is made of Pu material!
The utility model has the advantages that the wheels are wearable and antiskid, the wheels have the elasticity, the shock absorption effect is better, the grip is stronger, the friction in the ground is larger, and the sliding is more labor-saving!!!
Disadvantages: there are no shortcomings!!!!

Price: $68.88

Buy at AliExpressReviews & Feedbacks

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