2017 New Arrive 30km range one wheel electric scooter hoverboard smart drifting self balance scooter

By | 26th September 2017

351 – 500w



Brand Name


Range per Power

10 – 30 km

Voltage of Battery


Frame Material


Power Supply

Lithium Battery

Max Speed



One Wheel




Colorful package

Charging Voltage

AC100-240V / 50-60Hz

Tire Size



Top pc+pe / Aluminum alloy

Charging Time


Applicable people

Kids Men Women

Charger type

EU,US,UK plug

Product size:




Price: $456

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2017 New Arrive 30km range one wheel electric scooter hoverboard smart drifting self balance scooter











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1.-Using Safety UL Lithium  Battery and stable motor in the market ,

2.–Charger passed UL and  Won’t Get explosion 

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Product Description






Tire size:10 inch


Rated power:500w  Lithium Battery


Noise volume:Less than 55db


Charge:100-240v / 50-60Hz


Bearing weight:125kg


Product Size:31x31x41cm


Material:Top pc+pe / Aluminum alloy




Charge time:1-3H 



Product Features:


1 Introduction

Easy for electric wheel supporting rod wheelbarrow is a new generation of energy-savinn the folding pedals on both sides of the wheel, then gently lean forward, the body is forward, backward sloping, stops, tilts left g and environmental protection, portable transport. As a recreational sport for daily commuting or unicycle weekend. Gyroscope, sensor control, balance, motor drive.

The user places his feet oand right, and the body turns. The more forward the body is, the faster it is, and a series of gyroscopes in the car ensure that it balances well. Small and easy to carry, you can put it directly into the trunk of a car and refer to the house or the office.


 2 product mix

Easy for electric wheel supporting rod mainly consists of a wheelbarrow wheel for easy self balancing unicycle, charger, manual.

1) for easy wheel self balancing unicycle unicycle electric handrail handrails

2) rod battery storage

3) power switch

4) indicator light

5) charger jack

6) foot board

3 product parameters



More Pictures 












1x Charger


1x One wheel scooter





driving attention

Matters needing attention

For easy wheel self balancing unicycle is stable before and after using gyroscope. When the body forward, will perceive action to accelerate the wheelbarrow; when the body back, will control the motor balance wheelbarrow driver and to maintain the balance of the body. The balance of self balancing wheelbarrow can’t help, like riding a bicycle, the need to rely on a certain speed and body balance control.

Dead work

1., choose the appropriate site: please be in flat, open, no motor vehicles, fewer people to test site.

2.: check the vehicle before driving power is sufficient, need to check whether the vehicle has abnormal noise and shaking loose and easy to implement for manual wheel self balancing unicycle to see whether the wheel friction with shell.

3., it is best to find a friend to learn riding, can provide help, will be faster to master the skills of cycling help.

4. start driving by referring to the driving procedure.

7 instructions for use

Riding wheel for easy self balancing unicycle is divided into 5 steps. Learn from the instructions and follow the directions. Do not try the steps easily before you have mastered the previous step. This will help you master the basic skills of riding faster and more smoothly.

turn on electricity

1) a hand to hold the handle, easy for wheel self balancing wheelbarrow upright on the ground, and two foot plate.

2) short press the power button can be easily wheeled self balancing unicycle on the power, the power indicator lights up.

3) please don’t try riding if you see no red light on.

4) it is recommended to pull the handle several times along the direction of the wheel forward and backward, and feel the strength of the wheel’s acceleration and deceleration.

Try standing

1) place one foot on the appropriate foot board, and take care that you should stand in the center of the foot board to facilitate the transfer of the whole body’s center of gravity to the foot.

2) standing body, the feet on the pedal on the wheel for easy control of self balancing unicycle and balance, and leg tightly against the casing.

3) will be gradually transferred to the center of gravity for the foot wheel self balancing unicycle, leg requirements process, easy for self balanced triangular support wheel wheelbarrow can form a stable, otherwise it will be difficult to shift focus to easy wheel self balancing wheelbarrow. In the center of gravity cannot be successfully transferred to the wheel for easy self balancing unicycle on that foot, before another foot leaves the ground to maintain 1-2 seconds, the next step is strongly recommended not to ride.


1) primary progression:

Like riding a bike, the vast majority of the focus shifted to the wheel for easy self balancing unicycle, and gently forward step on the foot pedal, and the foot on the ground gently back pedal, easy wheel self balancing unicycle will walk forward. As in the previous step to keep standing on one foot for easy wheel self balancing unicycle moves like, need in the process of riding to maintain body balance, and to the foot on the ground quickly and lightly into another on the pedal. This step requires at least 3-5 meters of distance to ride.

2) intermediate forward:

Go to this step, can the normal driving wheel for easy self balancing unicycle. In this step, two points need to be noted: maintain a certain speed, and control the speed by leaning forward and backward. It is recommended that you continue to gain experience and practice while riding, and then move on to the next step after you are confident that you can keep a long distance.

Turn a corner

About turning: beginners like to turn the upper body to make a turn, but that doesn’t work well. It is suggested that the left and right inclination of the car body be adjusted by adjusting the pedaling strength of the left and right feet, and the desired turning effect will be achieved through constant practice.

Riding safety

At this point, is believed to have learned how to ride for easy wheel self balancing unicycle. But it’s also recommended that you gradually challenge the action you haven’t tried on the basis of a gradual understanding of vehicle performance. Easy for power wheel self balancing unicycle is a limit, beyond the limits of easy wheel self balancing unicycle will not be able to support the body, leading to falling down from the car, so be careful driving.

8 charge

1., the product built-in a lithium-ion battery, before the first use of this product, to ensure that the battery is full of electricity

2. make sure to recharge the battery in a clean and dry environment. One end of the charger power line connecting the AC power socket, the other end is connected to wheel for self balancing unicycle, red light indicates charging is also.

3. the charging process is about four hours. When the charger red indicator turns green, it indicates that the charge is complete. [1]

9 maintenance editor

(I) preservation

1. do not put yipos for unicycle in damp places;

2., when you do not use the wheel for a period of time, you need to charge the device regularly, so as to avoid battery exhaustion. At the same time, batteries should not be removed at will.


Please keep the warranty card and purchase voucher carefully.

Easy wheel intelligent balancing vehicles provide after-sales service in accordance with the following terms for non damage and malfunction:

1) in addition to batteries and supplies, the warranty for one year.

2) battery warranty for six months; car tires are consumables, warranty for one month.

The following conditions are not covered by the warranty:

1) the failure caused by the user’s use, maintenance and adjustment in accordance with the instruction manual.

2) the damage caused by the user’s self modification, repair and repair, and the failure caused by the failure to comply with the provisions of the use.

3) improper storage of users or accidents caused by failures.

4) no warranty card, purchase voucher or ticket card does not match.

5) after use, exterior damage does not belong to the scope of warranty.




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Price: $456

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