19 Inch Remote Two Wheel Smart Balance Electric hoverboard oxboard Scooter

By | 26th September 2017


Range per Power

31 – 60 km

Brand Name


Voltage of Battery


Frame Material


Power Supply

Lithium Battery


> 500w

Max Speed



Two Wheels


Black White Gray



Charge Time:


Max Load:


Max Speed:

Top 20km/h






72V 832wh Samsung Lithium battery

Max. Range:


Life of battery:

1-3 years

Price: $1974.10

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 newest waterproof IPX6 bluetooth scooter electric self balancing offroad board




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Product parameter list:

1, the model size:                                                           740 * 460 * 650

2, net weight:                                                                  45 kg (56 kg packing weight:)

3, maximum weight:                                                    150 kg

4, motivation:                                                                 brush motor 

5, battery:                                                                         Samsung lithium battery

6, voltage:                                                                        72 v

7, power:                                                                          2400 w (2 * 1200 w/PC)

8, tire:                                                                                19 “vacuum puncture-proof tyres

9, the minimum turning:                                            0

10, climbing Angle:                                                       35 ° or less

11, the maximum speed limit low gear:                  18 km/h

12,Maximum speed limit:                                                12, top 20 km/h

13, the longest mileage:                                              45 km

14, handlebar height:                                                  800-1100 – mm is adjustable

15, pedal height:                                                            270 mm

16, maximum height from the ground:                  160 mm

17, standard tire pressure:                                         250 kpa

18, power display:                                                        digital power display screen

19, charging time:                                                        3-5 hours

20: packing size:                                                          900 * 520 * 630 mm

21: color:                                                                         black/white/Grey



the scope of application:

1. The police, security guards patrol

2. Individual tourism, entertainment and excursion

3. In scenic spots, parks and recreation amusement park leasing

4. Intelligent robot mobile platform

5. Industrial park, factory, greenhouse personal transport

6. The commercial application .ride the  self  balancing scooter to promote your products

7. Automotive partners, into a car boot as walking

8. Airport, sports venues, indoor venues, large warehouses, large shopping center



Details ;










Green products (electric, environmental protection)

Pollution-free, zero energy consumption

DE CE & ROHS & FCC certification

Packing: heavy carton packaging









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Why choose us ?


1 .Description of Slef Balancing Electric Scooter X3
1). Zero emission & no pollution:
All the power source of X3 comes from lithium battery, and it is convenient to charge by using power supply for household. You can enjoy
driving about 15-25km at the speed of 10km/h-18km/h after charging, without any emission or any destruction to the environment.
2). Low energy consumption: 
X3 has an extremely low consumption of about 0.03/km per person, 20 times less emission than a 1.2L car, which is 0.63/km per person. It
also saves more energy than traditional vehicles because X3 is about 16kg whereas weight of a traditional vehicle is more than 1 ton, which
leads to high energy consumption due to its heavy weight.
3. High efficiency: 
Circulatory energy system is another highlight of X3. Build-in gravity control module, it will stop by judging center of gravity rather than
configuring a traditional brake system based on friction. As a result, kinetic energy converts into electric energy then stored in the battery
without losing any energy due to friction. In a word, there is no energy waste.
4. Ideal Selection
X3 is an ideal and advanced travel tool in crowded city for its compact size, reliability and unique driving technology. Modern city develops
very fast, X3 is accepted as an innovative solution for outdoor entertainment
2 .Feature of Slef Balancing Electric Scooter X3
1.It comes with  remote controls which are used for speed shift and towing mode enable/disable
2.Customized color when order is more than 50pcs
3.Driver protection: scooter will stop moving when driver gets off
4.Emergency protection when lose control
5.Handle bar can be adjusted according to your height
6.Moving speed can be controlled by your body’s center of gravity
7.Towing mode enable by remote control is a good feature for climbing
8.Remaining battery indication


Product warranty:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
1.Battery,Motor and other spare part  is  one year warranty
2.Wheel and shell is 6month warranty, belongs to consumer goods.
3.Artificial damange is not in warranty.                 

Package ;








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Price: $1974.10

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